Total Assistance with All Things Bulgarian


 Bulgaria - Assist is here to help you through the time consuming requirements of home ownership in Bulgaria and to relieve you of the confusion of beaurocratic administration in a foreign language. We offer the complete package of property and company management or you can choose whatever elements that best suit your requirements. Our undertaking to you is to safeguard YOUR best interests at all times. We are not property agents or real estate vendors, we have no affiliation with particular lawyers or notaries.

Who are we ? Mike Malone and staff members, together with our associates we work tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of your company and property management is catered for effectively and efficiently. Failure to submit the necessary documentation on time and to pay relevant taxes by the due date can result in large fines and, in extreme cases of failure, result in the confiscation of your company and its assets * YOUR PROPERTY * !

On the practical side of property ownership here in Bulgaria we have long experience and extremely good contacts with every aspect of property construction, renovation and maintenance. We deal with Bulgarians in the Bulgarian language and with Bulgarian mentality ! The savings are passed on to you, the Client.

          *   Please note that, unlike many other companies, all of our charges are in Bulgarian Leva  *

We offer what we think is the most comprehensive package of options available anywhere in Bulgaria and our fees are very competitive, why pay lawyers for anything that does not require their specific services ? We can also advise, with authority, on just about every aspect of property ownership, renovations, design, construction and also carry out essential maintenance, winterisation etc. Swimming pool maintenance is yet one more area where Bulgaria - Assist can reduce your costs, every aspect of our work is tailor made to your exact requirements and so you are paying only for what you need.

We understand the importance of effective communication with our Clients and we undertake to answer all queries on a same day basis, even out of normal working hours when necessary.

Please take time to look at our sample fee charges & feel free to contact us at Bulgaria-Assist at any time for more information on any aspect of our services offered, we are ready to help YOU.And please remember that we charge only in Bulgarian Leva.




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